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Vow Renewal on the White Pass




Spring Wedding in Skagway!


Yukon Wedding! August 2016

This was a fun day, lots of logistics involving trains, various cars, ice, cake, the whole works, but we pulled it off!~

Married on the Meade (Glacier)


Weddings Summer, 2016

Time to catch up again, I think I need a personal assistant, a volunteer, of course. 

Anyway, I ended up photographing 4 weddings last summer for my boss, Becky, at Beyond Skagway Tours. Actually one was a “vow renewal” ceremony,  but for me it was just like a wedding.  I would have to say it was a very successful first year, there were challenges I had not thought of, and I learned some new things. Everybody was happy, so I’m all set for 2017!  The final wedding of last year was my favorite in terms of location. We got to fly up to a glacier in a helicopter for the ceremony!

Here are four albums from last summer:

Weddings Summer 2016