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New Directions

So, haven´t checked in for a while, long story, probably worth a book. If it ends up a movie, I want Bill Murray, for sure.
I have a great new job, with Beyond Skagway Tours. It´s a small, custom tour company, and my most excellent boss, Becky Mull, is also a wedding planner!
She takes people to amazing, awesome locations to exchange their vows, and starting this year, I am on the photographer roster! I´ve taken photos at weddings of friends many times, and my photos were usually the wedding gift. In the near future (I´m in Hawaii right now) , I will put up some of those photos. I love doing portraits, I have been doing it for a long time, and now have the chance to go in the wedding photography direction, which is pretty cool. They are outdoor weddings, YAY ! In my own backyard, on the tour trail I have been driving since 1992.
Anyway, that´s the update, Aloha from the Big Island !


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