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Archive for June 12, 2011

Hanging out, brothers in the Sacred Valley

Two brothers I met in the Sacred Valley,  Peru


Corn, Cuzco Peru

Nice Display in the San Pedro Market   Cuzco Peru

Nite Street, Cuzco

Looks nice, but it was one of those situations where you realize you’re in the wrong spot, at the wrong time. Coming down the mountainside from a village festival, The White Rasta and I found ourselves in one of the high neighborhoods that ring Cuzco, Peru. A security guy, some tienda people, and various others told us to basically get the fuck out of the neighborhood, it was very dangerous at this time of night. We got down to the closest store, the Senora hid us inside, until a taxi wandered by. She wrote down the plate number of the taxi as we left. Hmmm, sometimes things are not as they seem. Lesson learned.

Raquel, Peruvian Vampire Cuzco, Noche de Muertos

Getting ready for a big evening out, the “Noche de Muertos” in Cuzco, Peru, young (9 yrs old) vampire Raquel enjoys the evening, the only night of the year she can dress normally, and not raise the eyebrows of her friends and neighbors. Raquel participates in style competitions, and loves fruit pizza, with sweet condensed milk poured over the top. A devotee of Michael Jackson, she practices dance steps in her room, away from the scorching sun of the High Andes, in Cuzco Peru.

Cuzco Cholita con Helados

In the endless search for a cold beer, many times one encounters what seems to be a cooler, but they are rarely plugged in, instead serving as a nice glass-fronted display case. Only the foreigners care if the beer is cold, so why bother?  In a hillside neighborhood in Cuzco. on a very warm afternoon, a beer was necessary. Finding a mom and pop tienda with an ice cream freezer, good sign, one can purchase one’s warm beers from the glass-front, cooler-like display case, and put them into the ice cream case, then buy a bag of salty chips, and watch the world out the door of the tienda, while the beer reaches drinkable temperature. This worked in Peru, but not in Bolivia, where they didn’t even plug in the ice cream freezers.