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Miss Chiquitita Cuzco, Peru

A wonderful family who invited me into their home, and their lives, in Cuzco, Peru. The beauty queen is miss Raquel (la Vampira) , she had just competed in Miss Chiquitita Cuzco, her mom, Irma Gonzalo, is an accomplished artist, and folkloric singer “La Gatita del Folklorico” to Irma’s side is her lovely daughter Leslie AKA “Ester” or “La Vieja” also a dancer,  and their dad, Sr Renato, also an amazing artist. Not in the photo is my buddy Tim Schouse, stepdad and husband of Irma. I spent about 6 weeks around Cuzco, and met this family on my second day. They befriended me, invited me to their home, shared food, parties, village festivals, and their lives with me. They are my dear friends, and I will see them again soon. I LOVE YOU GUYS.  The world is large, but you can find small, wonderful places, filled with people who can touch your life.


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