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Welcome, please enjoy and leave commentary if you feel like it. I'd love to figure out a way to make more of my living at this, so please don't be shy, let me know, you can BUY ! Books, calendars, t-shirts, I'm open to ideas. Enjoy life, do it now, you never know about tomorrow.



Yukon Wedding! August 2016

This was a fun day, lots of logistics involving trains, various cars, ice, cake, the whole works, but we pulled it off!~

Weddings Summer, 2016

Time to catch up again, I think I need a personal assistant, a volunteer, of course. 

Anyway, I ended up photographing 4 weddings last summer for my boss, Becky, at Beyond Skagway Tours. Actually one was a “vow renewal” ceremony,  but for me it was just like a wedding.  I would have to say it was a very successful first year, there were challenges I had not thought of, and I learned some new things. Everybody was happy, so I’m all set for 2017!  The final wedding of last year was my favorite in terms of location. We got to fly up to a glacier in a helicopter for the ceremony!

Here are four albums from last summer:

Weddings Summer 2016



New Directions

So, haven´t checked in for a while, long story, probably worth a book. If it ends up a movie, I want Bill Murray, for sure.
I have a great new job, with Beyond Skagway Tours. It´s a small, custom tour company, and my most excellent boss, Becky Mull, is also a wedding planner!
She takes people to amazing, awesome locations to exchange their vows, and starting this year, I am on the photographer roster! I´ve taken photos at weddings of friends many times, and my photos were usually the wedding gift. In the near future (I´m in Hawaii right now) , I will put up some of those photos. I love doing portraits, I have been doing it for a long time, and now have the chance to go in the wedding photography direction, which is pretty cool. They are outdoor weddings, YAY ! In my own backyard, on the tour trail I have been driving since 1992.
Anyway, that´s the update, Aloha from the Big Island !

The Most Beautiful Building in the WORLD

The gates open at 6am, it’s still dark, roosters crowing, vendors getting ready for the day, mist rolls off the river behind, and it’s cold, in that humid, deep in the bones cold. You make your way through a series of gardens and pools, being careful not to fall in, and in the first pink tint of dawn, unveiling itself of the river mist, sitting surreally elevated, as if it were floating in your mind. Shoes off, climb the marble steps, and you and your buddy Joe are the first inside the Taj Mahal, it’s December 1988, in a different century, a different world. Joe has brought his flute from home, we give the guard a few Rupees, and the Taj is transformed into an echo chamber, the notes spiraling around the engravings and inlaid gemstones. A cat starts meowing along, and you realize it’s a one-per-lifetime experience, there on the banks of the river in Agra, inside the Most Beautiful Building in the World.  I’ll never forget it.

Lima Vigilante

Wherever you go in the world, there are these guys, standing in front of doorways. During waking hours, they are usually standing, with maybe a prominent length of bamboo, good for crowd dispersal, or maybe a big fat hunting knife, on display on the little table in front of the “post”. These are the knives available for $8.99 at truck stops everywhere, lots of shiny parts, blade guards, maybe a fake button on the side. In the evenings, if the climate is warm, a small place to lie down, while watching, will be created. In India, it’s a simple wooden frame with rope strung across, the ubiquitous charpoy. I love night shots of these guys, as long as they don’t mind, the streetlights, and fluorescents make for interesting effects, and the nighttime adds more mystery to whatever it is that these guys are doing. It’s probably a powerful world-wide union, and we may never know their secrets, but they are generally friendly, will answer questions, (even the ones with the guns), and help you on your way, AWAY from their doorway. Last winter, with my friend Sam in Colombia, we were forced to go on a cigarette hunt (for Sam) at about 3 in the morning, quite near our hostal. Everything for blocks and blocks around was shut tight, but 2 guys with short shotguns walked with us to a corner, to point out where they thought there might be a store open. Sam even asked if it would be possible to shoot one of the shotguns. I explained the degree of sam’s inebriation, and we headed in the direction of the tienda, which of course, was closed. Heres to the guys who stand in front of doorways, world-wide.